About Jason Stettner

I’m Jason Stettner, I work in freelance web development and have been for a number of years since I graduated from SAIT’S Fast Track course in Web Development earning a 4.0 GPA with honors. Since then I have been working on a number of sites along with providing maintenance for existing ones. I have a wide range of skills aside from just Web Design including Videography and Photography.

I am also known online for my reviews as I’m a critic on Games, Movies and Tech through my site Gamerheadquarters. I review, cover and write about a variety of topics within the listed industries. Additionally I create video content on Youtube under Skycaptin5lol having over 50,000 subscribers and over 34 million views.

I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands, publishers and developers to cover their content across various industries. This extends out to also attending some of the biggest events in North America as press/media. This includes E3 (5+ years); CES (3+ years), PAX Online/West, Calgary Expo (5+ Years) and the Calgary International Film Festival (5+ Years).

Other Highlights
As mentioned I’ve attended many exciting industry events including E3 in Los Angeles, CES in Las Vegas for technology and Pax West in Seattle. I was lucky to receive Xbox Series X/S review units prior to launch. Prior to that having had received a Xbox One X review unit prior to launch and have been fortunate to cover various high level products. Movie wise I regularly attend early screenings for films covering them for all important film studios. I also cover a number of Netflix Originals, Disney+ Originals and Apple TV+ Originals through their screener programs.

Jason Stettner Calgary

Accolades & More
Was flown in to the special reveal event for Shadow of the Tomb Raider in Montreal in 2018.
Jason Stettner Shadow of the Tomb Raider Montreal Event

Appeared in Vigor as part of a promotion for the launch of the game in 2019.
Skycaptin5lol Vigor

Video clip used with mention in Minecon 2019 livestream event.
Minecraft Skycaptin5lol Minecon 2019

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