Jason Stettner
Web Developer

I'm Jason Stettner, a local Web Developer in Calgary, Canada that has worked on many projects to help create a more vibrant web, has created many videos and brings experience to any project. More known for content creation whether that’s as a critic of games, movies, tech and more through Gamerheadquarters or content creator on Youtube as Skycaptin5lol. I’ve attended numerous industry events over multiple years including E3 and CES.

I’m available to be followed on a number of social media networks which further help present the events I’ve attended among other lifestyle elements. Extra activities include a background in videography and photography as well as an interest in living at outgoing lifestyle in recent years. You can see this active lifestyle through various photos in nature that are typically taken for usage on Youtube’s community area and stories section that are more recent.

This site dives deep into the information available publically, as well as some interesting details that might surprise those viewing these pages. Hopefully a wide showcase of just what I bring to the table when it comes to projects or work opportunities. It should include many unique creations whether they’re app based, a game or even visual content based online.

  • jasonstettner @ gmail.com
  • 403-923-7117
  • Jason Stettner - Web Developer Calgary, AB Canada